Dr Gary Finelle | Chirurgien-dentiste à Paris 7, concept SSA, implantologie

Dr Gary Finelle, Concept SSA & Implantologie


Gary Finelle graduated from dental school in Université Paris 7 in 2011
and from Harvard Dental School, Boston (Implant Program) in 2013


  • Private practice / Research / Education / Consulting
  • Private practice in Paris / @dental7paris
  • Postgraduate of oral Implantology, Harvard School of dental Medicine
  • Speaker and Fellow for International Team for implantology (ITI)
  • President of #friendlystudyclub
  • Visiting & part time faculty at Harvard School
    of dental Medicine  in the post-graduate implant program

Our daily dental treatment workflows are currently undergoing significant changes and improvements. In the last decade, technological improvements in 3D imaging, intra-oral optical scanning and Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD / CAM) are propelling dentistry and implant therapy into  more computerized and integrated treatment processes.

The constant effort of the industry to provide performant minimally invasive instrumentations, biomimetic medical devices, combined with the fast-growing evolution of CAD-CAM technologies lead clinicians to modify clinical protocols toward a more predictable, better-connected, cost efficient and streamlined workflow.

The cases presented in this section have been fully treated in private practice in Paris, with the underlying objective (from my clinician standpoint) to optimize clinical daily workflow with the technology available in my dental environment. The goal is definitely not to show the most impressive (and expensive…) technologies, or to share with you non-reproducible « FULLY » digitalization but to try sharing some clinical situations where digital was (or not) helpful in the sense that it was not only (at least) as predictable but also time and cost-efficient in comparison with previous clinical processes.

Clincal Videos
Implant molar Strategy - Cad-Cam SSA approach
Implant molar Strategy -Flowable composite SSA
Esthetic implant rehabilitation
Digital Workflow in the Esthetic Zone
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